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Hazardous Material Volume One (HALF PRICE / 50% OFF)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Bad Haz Techno (BHT) invites you to check out their first techno compilation featuring a select group of BHT promoted producers. 12 techno tracks from 12 producers, each bringing their own unique sound design to the techno genre. With bpms ranging from 124 to 137, and track styles from current classic to progressive, to those with hard, dark, and industrial elements, there is something for everyone. See the producers involved below with track descriptions. Enjoy!



Electrostatic Nightmare Disco





Peter Harich

Chris Keya



Many Elephants

This is a Bandcamp only release with all tracks being exclusive to Bandcamp for 3 more months - HALF PRICE / 50% OFF Check out each track below with a pithy description from the producer:

1. klimaschreck - Zweitausendzwanzig - 128 bpm "2020 was a bad year for a lot of people if not everyone and mostly for the same reasons. This track tries to capture that year's feeling of waiting and when this will end since it was and still is a steady up and down of feelings and emotions, not knowing what comes next and lays ahead of this road filled with small pebbles and stones hurting and hindering you going forwards."

2. DZM - Distant Lights - 128 bpm "Distant lights is a deep techno track with dreamy pad and synths, driven forward by a hard rumble kick and infused with a set of wonder by an old school rave vocal."

3. Peter Harich - Inner Peace - 136 bpm "Pacey and raw techno track with a groove that drives the track forward towards a tranquil arp. Fast yet peaceful."

4. END - Badhazman - 130 bpm "I wanted to keep it dark, as is my style, but also to show a little humour and melodify it up a little to fit in style with some of the other guys. It's also officially my second song as it's the second release to feature my (heavily manipulated) vocal talents."

5. Karnevor - Strole - 130 bpm "Super minimal old skool German style techno track. It has freaky panning crazy head mash vocals mixed in with a mashed up beat that will take you on a journey in the style of "It's 2am; do you know where you are?" The kind of mental youth antics you got up to in your 20s, so please enjoy this trip down memory lane!"

6. Komotive - Ruinenlust - 137 bpm "Ruinenlust - A German word to describe feeling irresistibly drawn to crumbling buildings and abandoned places. This brings back memories of the techno from the previous decade synonymous with the techno underground scene."

7. Cylotron - Black Hole - 128 bpm "This is a track intended to put you in a state of hypnosis ... you will trip out to the warbly bassline."

8. Skaarl - Mind The Gap - 129 bpm "Trying to be like some kind of 90's vibe, made for the DJ not the Spotify playlists, like what I want to play in a set with some rolling basslines and snare fills."

9. Chris Keya - Vorstadt - 130 bpm "Vorstadt is a dark techno track with acid and ebm influences, reflecting the signature Chris Keya sound."

10. E1GHTH PLACE - The Soul in the Machine - 130 bpm "Modern techno with a futuristic fusion that builds up to a hard-hitting, powerful yet intense sound. Dynamic, profound, surreal, yet bittersweet."

11. Many Elephants - The Regret Engine - 124 bpm "The Regret Engine was written as a concept piece for an imagined science fiction film soundtrack. It has the idea of a machine designed to feed off of negative energy and convert it to positive, but the imbalance it causes has unexpected consequences for the human race."

12. Hegstraction - Kármán Line - 130 bpm "The Kármán Line is agreed by some to be the partition between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space. This track is an attempt to audiolize the passing of a space shuttle through these various high altitude atmospheric layers."

Check out the full compilation below:

If you are interested in hearing all the tracks together in a mix, check out our Mixcloud set by Peter Harich:

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