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Dark Matter Various Artists - Bass Controllism Records

Welcome to a special one-off blog post showcasing a fantastic VA compilation coming out of Bass Controllism Records from the Netherlands. This Dutch label has just released the Dark Matter VA which boasts 45 tracks by 32 artists; the majority of the tracks are techno & its sub-genres with a few other electronic genres represented. The tracks are in bpm order (lowest to highest), thus, gently taking you on a journey to oblivion! You can find the compilation on Beatport, Traxsource & Junodownload as well as other music download & streaming platforms.

Why not play the DJMarz minimix as you read the review?

(See end of review for an embedded Spotify player & SoundCloud two hour set.)

Here are the tracks in order complete with pithy one-liner reviews from UK minimal & techno producer, Hegstraction, with artist & track hyperlinks. (Click on the artist names for links to their music & the track names for links to the specific track. Click here for the artist Beatport links.)

1. Rave Qontroll - Freaquency Ranges (Original Mix)

"A great start to the compilation with this percussion-driven track accentuated by atmospheric white noise stabs & deep dreamy background melodies."

"A smooth half-time & breakbeat track that lures you in with silky melodies, sub-bass lines & industrial flourishes."

3. Dyb Mørk - Hint (Original Mix)

"Something a little heavier & darker now; this track has some nice punctuated sequences lodged between sinister hypnotic sections."

4. Lorenzo Chi - Va Va Session (Original Mix)

"Lorenzo's created a nice groove here with some trippy vocal FX & a satisfying beat."

5. Slamtek - Echoes (Original Mix)

"Stepping up a gear with this track; the kick, hi-hats & heavy reverb make you 'pull the bass face' as you get into the mix."

"Love how this gets going after the one-minute mark and then again at 5:30 in; the melody has a great anthem-like quality."

7. Ex One - Lethal Virus (Original Mix)

"Some lovely bass & reverb on the kick in this track combined with nice percussive touches, dark stabs & complementary melodies."

8. DJMarz - Erebos (Original Mix)

"Here comes DJ Marz with a driving track, soft synths setting a nice flow, forward percussion, and some otherworldly sounds in the breakdowns."

9. Ex One - Your Trip (Original Mix)

"A little harder & faster for Ex One's second track on the release; the kick patterns & percussive elements create a perfect groove to dance to and get lost in the melodies."

10. Frank Van Wissing - Imprint (Original Mix)

"Ooh, those synths at the one-minute mark really give it a nice edge; quite low-key industrial at some points with a really good choice of melody."

11. Freqmind - Slow Dance On The Rave (Original Mix)

"Time for your subwoofer to get a workout; lovely hypnotic driving beat with some subtle percussive & synth elements."

12. Spring Goose - Insomnicac' z 96 (Original Mix)

"Time to catch your breath with some smooth sub-bass moulded with house & dub vibes."

13. Rispetto Musiq - Black Hole (Original Mix)

"Getting into a nice progressive house groove now with ethereal vocals leading you between worlds."

14. Audiunt - March To M.A.D (Original Mix)

"Let's go! Pushing the pace with complex percussion and automated synths, we find ourselves immersed in the 'sound'."

15. Basscontroll - End Of Days (Original Mix)

"Great subdued melody here has the 'look' of a famous anthem combined with hypnotic beats & FX."

16. Kareem Smith - Computer MALFUNCTION (Original Mix)

"Switching things up with a Jackin House track & as the name of the track implies, multiple bleeps & bloops with vocals & beats coordinated to create a rhythm."

17. Noisy Shaun - Gravity Collapse (Original Mix)

"We're treated to a heavy kick with hypnotic trippy melodies in between breakdowns & bridges adding to the overall atmosphere."

18. PK [UK] - Black Hole (Original Mix)

"The minimal-esque 'bleepety, bleepety, bleepety' serves as a nice melody here amongst percussive work & warped synths & FX reflecting the name of the track."

19. Shaun Activation - Just A Dream (Original Mix)

"Into some breakbeat now & this track really kicks off at 1:42 with a chunky electro dynamic lead synth - very satisfying!"

20. Si Brown - Noodle Effect (Original Mix)

"Si's got some lovely electronic 'byte' on the kick & lots of nice automated sequences driving the track forward with hard dance & industrial fundamentals."

21. Kev Willis - Symbolic Groove (Original Mix)

"'Hypnotic' is the keyword here with some snare stabs & low-key house synths rounding out the picture."

22. Kev Willis - Manic Impact (Original Mix)

"Another driving hypnotic number from Kev with some synth arps & manic melodies creating an intense atmosphere."

23. Noisy Shaun - Pumpatron (Original Mix)

"A lively house track with those bouncy synths just right for the dancefloor, & some of those trippy melodies again, and I love that little bit of percussion just after 4 minutes in."

24. Hegstraction - Optimus Sub-Prime (Original Mix)

"Oh, it's my track ..., so this is how I think transformers talk, haha, bundled up with suspenseful long builds reaching a complex groove."

25. Icarian PB1 - Harmonize (Original Mix)

"Great intro to this track with nice meaty kick patterns, dynamic techno-house synths, & those lovely ominous dark synth stabs in between nicely mixed robotic vocals."

"A no nonsense driving sci-fi techno track with fitting vocals in between some acid melodies."

27. Icarian PB1 - If What (Original Mix)

"Frantic arp sequences combined with percussive elements giving a satisfying tonality, & feeling a little tribal by the end."

28. Si Brown - Spaghettification (Original Mix)

"An onomatopoeic track with a creative & minimal-sounding intro continuing into a breakbeat flow."

"A hypnotic driving track with subtle melodies, FX, & industrial elements."

30. Stefan Trinidad - Orbital Nightmare (Original Mix)

"This track has the 'get to know your neighbours' kick; the first hard techno track of the compilation, bringing hard dance synths & moody basslines."

31. THEMADDEEJAY - Dark Reflections (Original Mix)

"An eerie intro leading into dark melodies & a heavier harder final third with some tight acid."

32. Mirojam - The Broken Walls Of Jericho (Full Story Mix)

"We're going on a musical journey through minimal pastures, breakbeat highlands, melodic valleys & progressive mountains."

33. Orphean - Into The Woods (Original Mix)

"Rolling into 140 bpm territory with a hard dance track with video game synths & sound FX."

34. Freqmind - Jumping Dance (Original Mix)

"Dark minimal hypnotic vibes creating a fast-paced techno meditation."

35. Rob Mitshi - Dark Matter (Original Mix)

"A hardcore blitz with hard dance rave signals complete with ominous dark pads."

36. Shaun Activation - Burn My Mind (Sophomore Mix)

"Ravers rejoice! Shaun's got you covered with a hard dance energy-filled track with builds, drops & breaks."

37. Rob Mitshi - Eggman (Original Mix)

"Another Mitshi track with high-energy, complex percussion, & pulsing lead synths."

"From a dream-like intro with sub-basslines to introspective pads, 'mainframe' synths, & sci-fi vocals."

39. Ordrorir - Hydrostasis (Original Mix)

"A rave in a giant empty water tower anyone?! Pushing the pace now with subterranean melodies, synth stabs, & rhythmic percussion."

40. Achiel - Diepest (Original Mix)

"Achiel's created a great groove here just with kick, percussion & FX; then, some nice atmospheric pads, upbeat kick patterns, & dynamic thick lead synths."

41. Ordrorir - Tiamat (Original Mix)

"Bringing the primordial power of the goddess of the sea, we're treated to a peak time driving percussion heavy wave with fervent melodies."

42. SyncXit - Nightfall (Original Mix)

"Fast-paced breakbeats with fat basslines, riser builds, & intricate percussion."

43. SyncXit - The Surface (Original Mix)

"A creative dubstep mix punctuated with bass synth stabs & melodic influences."

"Hard dance kick patterns with muted rave signs & esoteric pads & melodies."

45. Cyber Samurai - HardFunking Gangsta (Original Mix)

"Finishing with a bang, a rap-infused hard dance number, with D'n'B inspired sequences."

Listen to the whole compilation on this awesome megamix by THEMADDEEJAY

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