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Black C.A.S.H

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Hey what's up fam! Today we're going to be hearing from Black C.A.S.H.

1) How old are You?

I'm 36 yrs old.

2) Where are you from?

I'm from South Carolina

3) When Did music become important to you?

It became important to me once I felt how freeing it was to be creative. And how being creative inspired others.

4) Did the streets play a part in you deciding to rap?

Yeah of course it did. But even though I was in the streets at an early age I decided to not let things occurring around me or to me affect who I wanted to be.

5) What age did you start rapping/writing?

At 10. I spit my first bars at 14, recorded my first song at 17.

6) Tell us about your influences

Jada Kiss, Biggie, Tupac, Big L, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, I could go on for quite a while.

7) What changes have you done to your style or cadence?

I adapt my style/flow to any situation or instrumental. Over the years I've learned to evolve. And its ok to be yourself and to be original when I create.

8) Whats the music scene like there?

The music scene here is underrated there's so much talent in my city that's undiscovered.

9) What's C.A.S.H. mean?

It means Chasing.Anything.Sustaining.Happiness

10) What are your goals in the future with music?

To build a solid brand. So I can continue to create and help other creative's.

11) is money a motivating factor/ What are the motivating factors?

Of course its a motivating factor. In this day and age how could it not be? However, it is not the only factor for me. There are plenty of people, situations and things I want to accomplish that are motivating factors in my life other than money. And as we all know, nothing is truly free in life or this music business. So you gotta be able to make money to sustain.

12) Have you done shows or performed in front of anybody?

Of course. No large venues or stadiums but yes I've performed my music.

13) How do you describe your drive?

I describe my drive thru my lyrics alot so make sure to listen carefully and i promise you'll hear it.

14) Anything you want to say to those reading?

A little progress each day adds up to big results. So put the spotlight on your own journey? It'll help you find your way to a happier, more successful life.

As for bars, Black C.a.s.h. puts an old school spin on them, the truth, with new school flavor, as he tends to kill every beat or instrumental that comes his way. Now that we got to know the man behind the music, its time you clicked that player and get to him thru his music. Well that's all the time we have today, thanks to all who read the "ItzAWrapYo!" blog, you are the real MVP's!


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