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3Hearts ~ "Fire O.A."


Stumbling across EDM music by mistake when he was just in high school, 3Hearts would discover "Avicii" on YouTube and inspiration would strike! 3Hearts would run out and purchase the demo version of "FL Studios" and embark on his very own journey through sound! 3Hearts decided he would finish his studies in Bolivia and in 2017 would travel to the US to pursue a musical career, earning a degree in Audio Technology at the SAE NYC. Finding himself in the "DMV" area 3Hearts is consistently creating and publishing full length songs, independently, produced by him, performed by him. Let's take a listen to "Fire O.A.", one of 3Hearts first songs he would vocalize on. Go ahead and click the preview below.

Fusing trap, soul, and electronic elements, inspired by the trap/soul stylings of Bryson Tiller, Fire O.A. seeks to create an air of mystique and intrigue. Set in the middle of the night and against a dark and starry sky, the visual paired with the instrumental achieves just that. A sort of romantic wonder if you will. Smooth thumpy bass and a sexy melody compliment the soft fluidity of the vocal track, adding even more layers of mystery to this peculiar sound. With around 50 published tracks its clear 3Hearts is not stopping until he's a recognized producer in the independent community. Looking forward to see how far 3Hearts takes his craft. Check out "Fire O.A." on your favorite streaming platform today!

3Hearts in the studio
3Hearts in the studio.

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