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JLaw: Honest Music

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In this new era of sedated, depressed, and lyrically challenged rap music, finding an honest rapper with bars, messages, and an articulate yet rhythmic flow is near impossible. Let me help you by introducing you to JLaw. Coming up in the 80s and 90s in Bed Stuy, the same neighborhood BIG grew up in, street conscious boom-bap rappers would instill in J a moral obligation to always keep it real. Honest. I had the opportunity to sit down and ask J a few questions to try and get to know the man behind the music. Here's how it went down....

Where did you grow up?

I was born in the Bed Stuy Neighborhood of BK,NY. At 14 I moved to Atlanta, GA and am currently in the ATL.

Do you remember you first experience with music?

Yea I remember chilling on the block during block parties and hearing music like Run DMC, KRS One, Wu Tang and a lot of other dope mc's and groups. When or why did music become important to you? Music didn't become important to me until I moved to the ATL. I ended up living in predominately white neighborhoods due to my mothers first marriage. Being the kid who couldn't fit in became the next chapter in my life. That's when I discovered Tupac's music. Was there an event or a song or something that sparked the idea that you could make music? Discovering Tupac changed my entire life! My entire world. It was Pac who inspired me to want to write and record music. I practiced for hours everyday listening to Pac. That's most likely why people say they hear him in my voice and in my music. As much as I try to bury that within myself and be who I am as an artist, Tupac raised me! So on your first date with that thot we call RAP, how old were you and was it dope or was it trash? My first attempt at rapping wasn't bad at all, I was around 14 and listening to the GOAT's music all day everyday. I knew how to stay on beat, and put emotion into my voice. The only problem I had was the equipment. I had this busted karaoke machine that could record but it sounded like hot doodoo. At what point did making Hip-Hop become a vision? When I decided to record again. Except this time would be in a professional studio. Pro gear, an actual soundproof booth, producers and engineers! The moment I heard my first professionally recorded and engineered song called "Static" ft. The Prayza I knew it was possible to try and take my craft to the next level. What was your first actual drop? My first ever drop was a track called "No Mercy" the 1st and only single from my first attempt at making an album. Straight off that karaoke machine on to a cassette tape. What was it like developing a style? Developing my own style took some real effort. Knowing that every time I opened my mouth on the mic sounding exactly like Pac wasn't going to work. Especially if I were to even think of doing something with my music. My own style eventually developed into how I write. What was the grind like from then until now? Completely different now than it was then. Now I write and record whenever I get the motivation or inspiration from something or someone. What do you ultimately hope to achieve through your music? Now, my ultimate goal is to create content for myself as therapy and for the love of Hip-Hop. I also want to keep creating content for all those who my music has helped. For all the people relating to the things I've written up to this point. If my music just happens to reach a little further then it is now, that's when a turning point can occur for the purpose of what I do. The catalogue. How many projects do you have published? 3 Albums with a fourth and fifth coming in 2022. These two new projects will be the epitome of who I am as an artist, what my music is and always will be. What's "Honest Music"?

The definition of Honest Music lies within the artist themselves. For me Honest Music has always been about telling the absolute truth in what I write about. Whether it's a storyline about me, or life in general. I believe people deserve to hear the absolute truth when they listen to my music. My music isn't about record sales, it's about reaching out to help anyone who needs it. ~JLAW


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ItzAWrap Yo!
ItzAWrap Yo!

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