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Who's House? Hyena's House

High Hyena

High Hyena
High Hyena

Step inside the Electrotechnodancehouse and have a good time! EDM/techno/house producer High Hyena just wants to make you dance and feel good. You can feel the bass in your chest and feel the energy in your soul! Knowing the music is being heard and putting a smile on the listener's face, High Hyena is successful in his musical mission. Mission: Make music that will be enjoyed, and be remembered. Status: Success. Most recently released single "Get Into It" an old school vibe, is a fun techno/house blend that will make you bounce! The creative geniuses at LGTWO worked on the mix of this track and added just the right touches! Other popular singles include "Reach Up" and "How You Make Me Feel" both released earlier this year and seeing tens of thousands of streams. I recommend not wasting anymore time reading this and follow High Hyena on Spotify like right now or sooner. You're welcome.


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