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While The House Settles, The Rat? Will Play

Bad Rat?

Bad Rat? Bad Rat? is a rising punk/rock band based out of Southampton, Mass, that creates sounds inspired heavily by post-punk/alt-rock/goth/electronic genres. A laid back yet progressive energy backed by harmonious vocals, atmospheric nuances, and climactic drum lines creates the uniqueness of Bad Rat?. While primarily a solo project led by Marc Kamil, Bad Rat? features a rotating cast of members. Which is key to the wide genre-spanning variety of music that defines Bad Rat?. The goal? The goal is to continue creating music we all enjoy and to continue growing and improving the craft.

Bad Rat? Southampton, Massachusetts

Set to release on 10/30/20 Bad Rat's? 7th full length album "It's Just The House Settling", is another chapter into Marc's story, a story in which each album draws on his relationships with people from different aspects of his life, from his work with a fellow producer and childhood friend, to his collaboration with a friend from college. Some hits include the newest single "Mechanical Children", "Tides", and "I Miss The Rats", with the newest single "Houses I Lived In" set to drop 10/02/20 Bad Rat? is determined to let the world hear his story. Are you ready to hear it? I'm going to answer that for you; Yes. Yes you are.


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