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Toy Story


Aspiring to be a singer from a very early age, Toy would finally enter the music scene at 18 when she became part of a local singing group. Toy, and the group would continue together playing local clubs and hot spots for a few years, even opening shows for popular artists, before eventually dissolving and leaving Toy to find her own way through the expansive maze that is music. There is no boxy category or genre we can place Toy's music in, but she delivers a soulful lyric backed up by chill instrumental melodies. So we'll just describe it as Good Vibrations. Come chill with the soulful sounds of Toy (life hack: press the loop button) and treat yourself.

Having just started releasing music this year, Toy has 3 hit singles including "No Stoppin", "My Life", and "New Day" and a collaboration with the talented duo Diamond Lounge on the single "The Way". Toy plans to continue her musical journey writing and recording, and hopes to collaborate with more talented artists down the road. As this is just the beginning of her journey we can expect great things from this incredibly talented woman! Follow her on Spotify, YouTube, and on social media @Toy_musically and make sure you stay tuned!


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