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There Are No Words

Clare Estelle Except for these ones, and the ones Clare Estelle blesses our ears with. A Classically trained singer and pianist from the UK, Clare can usually be found in front of her piano making magic. Clare’s songs are an intimate expression of emotion through musical vibration. The strong harmonies and subtle ambience mixed with a beautiful vocal and energetic melodies are uplifting and calming at the same time. There are no words. Unless there’s more?

There is more. Generally, Clare’s music would be categorized as Goth/ProgRock but Clare will not be boxed in, as she proved on the hit singles “Love’s Denied” ft. Japanese rock band The Voublys, and “Somehow, Unplugged” featuring Canadian pianist P.Wasy. Recently released, “Electric Dawn” has over 10k streams on Spotify as of today and is my personal favorite. There are no words. Unless there’s more??

P.S. There’s More Words. If you’re not listening, you’re denying yourself. Carry on.


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