The Student

Studious Pupil 29 year old midwest hip hop recording artist Studious Pupil, has been releasing music for a little over a year now with his friend and very talented beat producer J Grant. Studious Pupil a self given tag meaning i am a student to the artists who came before me and i am paying attention, studying and drawing heavy influence and inspiration from artists like Tom MacDonald, Tech Nyne, and Del The Funky Homosapien, to name a few. Stu's unique flow delivery and clever wordplay really set his style apart from stereo-typical "rappers". The smooth bass and unique melodies are the icing to the metaphorical cake that is Studious Pupil. With 4 singles on Spotify and a full EP project set to drop on all platforms in mid December, and a handful of features, Stu has his foot on the gas and is throttling the independent rap scene! Some hits include "The Curse" ft. TK Green, "Play No Games", and "Reminiscin'", ft. Karmaa, a group collaboration with Team TakeOver {T.T.O.} on the "Chasing Dreams of Organized Chaos" album. Upcoming single "Talk My Shit" Ft. TK Green is going to set the internet on fire! Follow Studious Pupil on social media and Spotify and stay up to date with the flame! @StudiousPupil everywhere!

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