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The Grind Never Stops

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Roman365 Roman365 is a 30 yr old Rapper, Husband and father to 3 beautiful girls. He tells a story with his lyrics that paint a "Vivid Picture" in the listener's mind, his "substance" is so "potent" Roman will leaving you "choking" on the truth. Roman's story telling abilities shine on a swaggy, trill style beat, every track is a story or a message delivered with witty wordplay and references, alot of times hidden in clever metaphors. The 365 on his name refers to the constant grind that is the music business, and his everyday responsibilities as a father. The Grind Never Stops. Roman's YouTube catalog is impressive to say

the least, with close to 100 singles our guy is proving that the grind never stops. Out of that catalog Roman has featured dozens of talented artists in his songs, "We Skeem', "J.Vengeance", and "Eddie Ace" are just a couple. He is also featured on several of those artists tracks as well. Some of his popular tracks include "Gettin Played" Ft. Eddie Ace & Holo, "Vivid Pictures", and "Justice For George Floyd". Clicking on an image below is the fastest way to find Roman and his literal library of music.


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