Star Struck

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Superstar Spectacular

The greatest Independent Artist Showcase of all time! Featuring several multi talented artists and producers of a mixed variety of edm/house/techno/progressive/hiphop/trance/ and rock, this amazing list includes Clare Estelle, Tru Werdz, People of the Parallel, GhostDawg, Diamond Lounge, Dimitris Nezis, Thomas Dimitrakopoulos, DJ Crazy Ant, HunterFoxAC, Pablo La Rosa, High Hyena, Hegstraction, and Pernicious Birds. Wether it's a chilled-out laid-back lo-fi energy you're looking for, or the hard 1-2 slaps of a swaggy boombap beat, or anything in between, this list has exactly what you need!

With such a wide variety of music on the internet, this playlist showcases some of the most talented Independent Artists on the scene! And this is just one of many lists LGTWO has published showcasing wide varieties of talent. Having over 1k followers and gaining new listeners everyday, it's clear to see why this list is Spectacular! Grab a drink and strap on your headphones, this one's gonna be on your repeat for a long, long time.

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