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Raising The Bars

Tru Werdz The East Coast has been called home by some of rap’s greatest lyricists, and some if it’s most slept on. Somewhere on the mean streets of Jersey, there’s a BAR spitting phenomenon called “Tru Werdz”. Legend has it that if you play a boombap beat anywhere in Jersey, a Rapper with great vocabulary will appear and he will begin to rap with super-human agility and form, and violently murder the beat with, BARS!

A knack for words and their meanings allows Tru the ability to create unique metaphors and double entendres in an old school rhyme structure that brings just enough old school flavor to the swaggy boombap beats that we love! Are you tired of watered down, filler-rap? I recommend Tru Werdz, hits like “Authentic”, “Ooh Yea”, “I’m Still Nice”, and “Right” are a good place to start, however the entire catalog is a true to form bar spitting marathon. Tru is turning numbers and is steadily on his way to becoming recognized as a top-tier lyricist! Enjoy!


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