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Profoundly Unique

HunterFoxAC South African multi-genre producer Anthony Chinsamy, better known as HunterFoxzAC, is a talented creator and loving father of two beautiful children, who are his motivation and inspiration. The sound is a chilled out combination of folk/electronic/progressive elements with a subtle ambience of nature to keep everything laid back. Profoundly unique, yet familiar vibes which are intended to inspire, and captivate the listener. Anthony is also a resident DJ at a 24/7 indie web radio platform streaming the best techno/house/trance/d&b/afro/chill music from around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Having handfuls of hit singles, albums, and ep's across several streaming platforms, Anthony's music has received enormous amounts of positive feedback in the way of 100k+ streams! Even having songs featured on popular playlists like "Superstar Spectacular". Press play for a preview of the Profoundly Unique stylings of HunterFoxzAC. 👉 You can follow his socials and streaming services @HunterFoxzAC and check him out on the indie web radio platform Stay up to date with album projects Anthony has in store for us, I can tell you he has some really awesome projects on the way! Enjoy!


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1 Comment

Oct 27, 2020

Huge catalog of music from this guy! Great write up!

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