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No Pressure, No Diamonds, NoRivals

1) Do you have a name or should we just call you #NoRivals?

I’m Jaelin , I am the lead designer & head of operations with No Rivals

2) How old are you?

Just turned 22!

3) What part of the country are you from?

Representing the corn field filled Midwest 🤟🏽

4) Gawd, this interrogation is boring, do you agree?

Never a boring convo with the #lgtwo homie

OK let’s spice this taco up a bit.

5) How old were you when art became important to you?

My mom would draw me my favorite characters back in the day & as early as I can remember I started drawing anime characters so I’d say it’s always been a part of life

6) What was your biggest inspiration?

I’m the type of person that takes in influence from everything. Artistically I take a lot of influence from music, nature & cartoons. As a person my family has molded me to be who I am today- along with a few awesome mentors who have helped guide me on my path.

7) Was there some event, place, song, artist, or object that made you want to create?

Like we talked about, I’ve always had art as a part of my life- taking it to the next level & turning it into something I could live off of started in elementary school. My friend & I partnered up to sell our drawings lemonade stand style, $1 each , made about $10 & I was feeling myself haha. I guess that was probably instilled the idea that it’s a viable career option in my mind.

8) What IS the mission behind the #NoRivals brand?

10/20 years from now I want creatives of all mediums to feel like they have a community to be apart of that will accept & support them in their craft.

Along with inspiring other creative types to get over the initial fear of turning their hobby / passion into a lifestyle.

9) Is there a specific genre of music that inspires your unique designs?

I’m always bumping some style of hip hop wether it’s spacey “cloud rap”, trap or otherwise. But I also take a lot of inspiration from rock and the stylings of grunge & the raw rough DGAF expression that rockstars embody. 10) Where did the name #NoRivals come from?

Focused on my inner me, no more enemies

To have No Rivals is to compete only against the person you were yesterday- rather than compari yourself to others. If you level up on your old self every day- progress & success is guaranteed.

11) What all goes into creating a piece? Whether it’s footwear, clothing, jewelry, or any piece?

So we use a lot of vintage blanks & fabrics in pieces - so sourcing the vintage materials is the most important step.

When planning a collection we take a concept, wether it’s something simple like the way the sunset looked a certain day- or a message that the world needs.

From there we work to develop stories that the pieces are to tell- & hand craft (sew/print/ embroider) the piece to make sure it’s done exactly as intended.

12) Any long-term realistic goals set for the brand?

I’m the type to show the results rather than talk about plans.

But I can say to Expect some dope collections at least 4 seasons a year.

& some groundbreaking partnerships to continue to put creatives like myself in positions to win

13) If Yes, how do you plan on reaching and surpassing those goals?

Consistency is key- whatever your focus is on will grow- luckily I have some awesome people around me that’ll help be sure the vision stays true & is nurtured every day

14) Being an artist yourself, what does “Art” mean to you, personally?

Art is the mind & soul putting itself out there to connect with people who feel the same

​That’s dope Jaelin. For me it means the same, Expression of self, through freedom of creativity. The connections made through our art, whether its music, drawings and paintings, or our videos, are genuine and long lasting. With all that being said, would you like to shout out any inspirations, artists, or collaborators?

Shout out to all the awesome creatives we have been able to work with so far on our journey.

Also thank you for giving us a platform to spread the love on !

​Thank you for giving me and LGTWO the opportunity to work alongside you as our missions are intertwined through art. Do you have any upcoming projects or promotions we should be on the lookout for?

Clothing wise We’ve got a crazy Halloween piece, & Black Friday collab collection coming this fall- as well as our Winter collection around h the holidays.

Were also working on a virtual reality art gallery for creatives to host music, art, & merch in- so if anyone reading is interested in being a part definitely get in contact! (links in images) Awesome. I think my brain has ran out of questions LMAO. I appreciate you taking the time to let us get to know you and #NoRivals a little better. But, before we end this dope conversation, is there anything you’d like to add?

Continue to inspire & create

- Jaelin P, No Rivals🌹

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Black Cash
Black Cash
Jan 09, 2022

Dope spotlight. Salute from South Carolina.💯


Oct 27, 2020

That was Dope! Awesome interview!

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