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Maje$tic Mindz

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Hello fam! I'm here to talk about an up-and-coming collective called "Maje$tic Mindz". Consisting of 4 main members; Morgan (Maschil Morgan), Straight Free D (David Gonzales), Rain Bowrys, And ToadJah (Jah). It all started in 2020 (during the height of the pandemic, COVID-19) while Morgan was finishing an assignment sitting on his living room couch. It was an english assignment, he was writing about how frustrating it was to have everything locked down during the outbreak of COVID-19 and decided that since everyone was indoors it would be a great idea to make songs that would cheer people up. He then wrote a few songs, called up 3 of his friends; and an 8 track project called "Maje$tic Mindz" was birthed. The project dropped on Independence Day 2020, what a sick date to drop this project on!!! As the group is "independant artists". The amount of feedback from this project was unreal, "It encouraged me to keep going and do what I do best, make a world of beautiful sounds..." in Morgan's words. Now while all artists have different styles, they share a common goal; "To elevate the listener to a higher level of consciousness, and to be aware of the hidden evils in the world around us." Really inspiring to keep it all the way real. Now let's take a look at the music. Based off of a lofi/r&b/jazzy style of production with roots in RAP (rhythm and poetry) these dudes bring bars to the table, and they keep it real while bringing them bars.

You can check out their top tracks on Spotify by tapping play on the list to the right. My favorites are S.U.V. (Slide Up Victorious) Midtro - Remix and Album Intro. But they are all great. All their songs are different and give off unique vibes. And even with a "lofi" style of production the sounds are bright and colorful with nuances and ambience in the backing tracks. Listening to Maje$tic Mindz catalogue is really chill, laid back, with relevance and substance. It's so cool to see artists who arent blinded by bottles of liqour, glorifying hyper violence, and glorifying drugs. Its almost non-existent in todays mainstream scene,rappers have fancy cars, 1k dollar bottles of booze, and flashing guns, that's why its all about independent artists with a message. They have just released a brand new single "Midtro - Remix" on 9/23/2022. And another album dropping 11/25/2022

You can follow them everywhere by this link "". Enjoy!!!

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