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Lets Get The Word Out about Werk by Charley Young and People Of The Parallel

Charley Young and People Of The Parallel are no strangers when it comes to producing solid all-around straight-up electronic classics. What makes something fall into the category of classic one might question. Well in my opinion classic conveys something remarkable that no one has ever heard before. It could represent one specific thing that really stuck out or an amalgamation of the many things done well in a song. Werk falls into the amalgamation of the many things classic category. Genre-bending and experimental in its very nature but still familiar, and one would have to declare, lives in the electronic domain of things.

Segue to the added bonus is one of the most legit music videos in the independent scene this year alongside Run Away, I Told You, and Je Te Veux. A music video just adds more pizzazz to a new release. Charley Young does a fantastic job of this and as I have said in the past, she is no stranger to hitting home runs consistently. Overall Werk is a powerful EDM track with intense driving build-ups and glitched vocals comparable to trance music but more like progressive house music.

Werk Credits

Main Artist • Charley Young, People Of The Parallel

Lyricist/Vocals • Mary Charlene Young

Producer/Composer/Mix/Master • Justin Michael Tallman

Tracking Engineer Vocals • Fabio Arauz

Cinematographer • Emilia Mendieta Córdova

Label • Charley Girl


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