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Let's Get The Word Out about je te veux by Charley Young (ft. People Of The Parallel, Diamond Lounge

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

je te veux by Charley Young (feat. People Of The Parallel, Diamond Lounge) is funky, futuristic, and nothing short of simply unforgettable. To put it into straightforward terms, I would have to anoint this as the tune of the summer. Charley Young and her team did a fantastic job all around. Really turned on all of the bells and whistles in this production. Top-notch.

The music video was directed shot and edited by Ecuadorian-American cinematographer Emilia Mendieta Córdova. Her experience and attention to detail concerning colors, angles, lighting, creative direction, and execution make every music video of Charley Young undoubtedly something to look forward to. Below you can check out the full breakdown By Charley Young as she goes into detail about the visual side of how je te veux came to fruition.

The vocals were performed by American Singer/Songwriter and Actress Charley Young. During the verses and choruses in je te veux, you will hear a combination of vocoder and a natural vocal which gave it a very cool and unique twist on what traditionally would have been done using strictly a vocoder to alter the voice throughout the entirety of the track. Overall it transforms this Funky track into something futuristic, familiar, and fresh. It's pure ear candy.

France-based Producer, Musical Artist, and Engineer Diamond Lounge always slam dunks on the attention to detail, instrumentation, instrumental placements, and auditorial aesthetics concerning music production. Unfailingly builds a solid foundation and leaves plenty of room in the pocket for the vocalist to artistically and freely express themselves. The Diamond Lounge drum tone is always the icing on the cake. Always elegant always with class.

The bass line was performed by American Musical Artist, Producer, and Engineer People Of The Parallel. Every section is a little different than the last. Whether it be adding a note or taking one away, it is what keeps this track in an always moving onwards and evolving type of state. The style and execution give je te veux that catchy, definitive, funky vibe and sound we all know and love when it comes down to the genre of Future Funk music.

Listen to all the collaborations below. Some great music in there!

As you can see when these three get together and collaborate they never disappoint and the final outcome is consistently fresh brilliant and inevitably top-notch. 🏆

As you can see, teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Charley Young is that artist with a fabulous personal style and is known for hitting musical and visual home runs year-round. Rest assured it will always be quality over quantity. I always look forward to what is next. I would have to say she is an all-around superstar!

Je Te Vuex Credits

Main Artist/Lyricist/Vocals • Charley Young

Production • Aaron De Luca

Tracking Engineer Vocals • Fabio Arauz

Co Production/Mix/Master • Justin Michael Tallman

Cinematographer • Emilia Mendieta Córdova


NEW MUSIC ALERT for October 28th. Be on the lookout for another Electronic Dance Music banger titled Werk by Charley Young and People Of The Parallel. Werk is a powerful EDM track with intense driving build-ups and glitched vocals comparable to trance music but more like progressive house music. Avicii, Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia, and Deadmau5 are some of the popular artists in this subgenre. Pre-save by clicking on the image or link to distrokid in the button below.


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