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Lets Get The Word Out About Lets Prepare For Survival By People Of The Parallel

Lets Prepare For Survival is a stylish assortment of sharp, edgy, and heavy sounds from the past that magically found their place in the future. People Of The Parallel manages to take the Electronic music genre known as Dubstep into the realms of philosophy to tell a remarkable and unforgettable story with sound.

Lets Prepare For Survival is motivational, uplifting, and powerful. Cinematic qualities with plenty of twists and turns. Not so much party music, it's more along the IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) side of things. Overall, I would have to say they did a great job of capturing the champion vibe.

Lets Prepare For Survival Credits

Main Artist • People Of The Parallel

Composer/Producer/Mix/Master • Justin Michael Tallman

Label • LGTWO

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