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Charley Young ~ I Want It Now (People Of The Parallel REMIX)

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Throughout the video, we see Ms. Young seemingly trying to get back to a previous version of herself, a different place and moment in time. Chugging guitar and galloping percussion seek to set the tone of this mini "western/sci-fi" flick, coupled with the awesome cinematography by Emilia Mendieta Córdova. The video keeps the listener right at the edge of their seat for the entire length of the track! (I played it back 5 times in a row before I could stop!) Fast forward a few months and around 5k streams later and Charley wants to shake things up a bit.....

Epic. People Of The Parallel would completely rewrite the musical composition and rearrange the vocal almost entirely. He knocked the bottom end clean-out allowing him to build and drop in a most unique way. Adding to the high end some synths and other fancy stuff that I can't pronounce. Rearranging the vocal in a way he would emphasize one line while staying true to the original stems, in Charley's own words "He was able to really draw out the feeling and spirit of the song. He was able to encapsulate one particular line so well that I actually named my EP after it; "It's Always Been ... Just Me" Which IMO is the message she ended the original track on.

(The final product is an absolute masterpiece from both artists!)


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People Of The Parallel
People Of The Parallel
19 oct. 2021

😭 Legit! 🏆

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