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Lowkea, The Rapper - Keaton Jones

Lowkea - Keaton Jones

We always want to know what its like for an artist when they're on the come up, because for each artist the struggle is different and the grind is different. Today I'll be sitting down with Keaton Jones aka "Lowkea" and hitting him with all the hard questions, and some easy ones! Let's hope he does not give us answers in the "Low-Key" format 😂. Let's GOOOOOO!!!! Q) What is your name? A) You just said it 5 times and we didnt even get to the questions yet... Keaton Jones (no relation to 'Misses, Misses Jones') Well hello Keaton Jones, sim simma 😂 Q) Where are you from/grew up? A) Born in Houston, raised in Katy, Texas H Town boy, ok Q) What was the music scene like for you growing up? A) Well when i started was back in 2012, it was a thing to know how to freestyle in class, and i saw kids at lunch making beats on the table and rapping. i just kind of followed suit. That's dope, yea school lunch is where all ya folks learned how to rap, or didn't. Q) Is there one artist you can say influenced you or was it several? A) Ironically enough, Em was always my biggest inspiration. My dad used to bump "Dirty Dozen", my favorite track of all time is “When The Music Stops”. there’s something about Eminem’s energy that stays unmatched. I’m definitely not ashamed to say hes been a huge influence on me. A lot of rappers Em's had a huge influence on, likely because the color of his skin, and the success that hes reached. It's a rags to riches story. Q) How old were you when music first became an influence? A) Freshmen-sophomore year of high school, i was about 14 years old. i’m 26 now. So for 12 years this has been a dream? No for the last 12 years this has been a GOAL. Ayy that's what we like to hear!!! Q) Has the color of your skin had any affects on you as an artist in the lane your persuing? A) When I started rapping nobody assumed white dudes could pull it off, it was kind of a laughing matter if you said you rapped. I just got to the point where people didn’t see my skin color they just heard the music and liked it. I’m all for respect though. Yea that's the climate we are in in rap music, whitboys aint got bars. LIES. Q) How is your support system? family coming out? A) Support system has been amazing. That’s something I consider myself very fortunate of. My mom isn’t really into hip hop, but she respects what I do. She enjoys some songs. My dad has been my rock thru this music stuff. He’s had my back since day 1, mom has too but he’s more into it I think than she is haha, very fair though. That's very cool, alot of people miss that support, so you are very fortunate. Q) How did you come up with your rap name/moniker? A) I was at an ex’s parents little beach home and we were discussing names for rap, I was just going by Keaton at the time. My ex mentions the name “Lowkea” and it has stuck ever since, easily 10+ years now that it was created. No ill will on her either, hope she’s doing good still. Ayyy she can always say she helped you in your career. Good on you that theres no ill will towards her either. Respect. Q) Have you ever done any live performances? If so whats one that youll remember most? School talent shows, local dives, or like any bday parties or special occasions? A) I performed in Austin, Texas once, and it was really great. I got a lot of good feedback, and it felt great performing my music in front of a crowd. That was my only show I’ve technically done, will be diving into shows in 2023! Currently working on the catalog at the moment, so I have material for shows when I start. Let's Go 2023!!! Q) What has music done for you? A) Man what has music not done for me? Ever since I was a kid I was always addicted to hooks in songs, I was fascinated that every song had a structure and pretty much every one had a hook. Getting older I started finding more music per my taste, and I started shaping my overall sound from everything I’ve listened to. I think I’m heavily influenced by The Gorillaz, Eminem and Kid Rock. They’ve gotten me through quite a bit of lows in my life. I feel like in a weird way music saved my life, because after my overdose 2 years ago I’ve been heavily creating music and just taking all my past experiences and putting them into my songs. Re-living my past can be stressful, but it helps keeping me motivated to never go back to the drugs. Much Respect 🤓🤘 Q) What is the mission or goals, the long game, with your music? A) My ultimate goal is to have one of my songs in a major movie, something everyone is going to go see, that’s my biggest achievement I’m aiming for with the music. I create songs in hopes people get ideas to create other things, whether that’s more music, movies, podcasts— anything I do to motivate someone else’s creative, I’m going to try my best to do. Music is all about relating to a feeling someone is expressing, vocally or with an instrument, and I’ve got quite a bit of emotion to let out. That would be superfuckendope!! To have a song you created in a movie... That would be the ultimate feeling of success!!! This section I'll throw in some fun ones so we can get to know a little more about our guy. Q) What's your favorite food? A) That’s a hard question, can food be an option? I love all kinds of food, comfort food, fast food, home-cooked food, if I had to choose one meal that I enjoy the most I’m definitely going with my mama’s New Jersey style dumplings. They’re packed with butter and taste like heaven, 10/10 recommend. Plus it’s usually served with them Hawaiian Sweet rolls and I put grape jelly on mine. I definitely gotta try mama's New Jersey style Dumplings!!! And yes food can be an option lol. Q) Who has been your idol? A) That’s a great question. It used to be Eminem, but honestly I feel like looking up to him when I was younger did more bad to me than good. I try not to look up to too many people because nobody really knows what their doing, so if I’m following some person my whole life, they make one bad decision and their life is over, then what am I to do? My biggest idols are my fans and my family, they are who I do this for. If I had to choose though, I’d say Joyner Lucas has been putting in work. I really enjoy what he’s doing with his power, I think he will create a lot of doors for upcoming artists in the game. Very well said and i think that's true of Joyner. Q) If you make it big, which celebrity you going to whine and dine? A) Dr Dre, hands down. Dude has put on so many artists and his sound is so powerful and unique… just to have 5 minutes with him would make my life. I wouldn’t ask for anything but a hand shake and maybe a signed hat or something… lol. I have to meet Dr Dre before I’m dead, I respect his artistry so much. He keeps the spirit alive to me, and spirit is a big part in hip hop. Unexpected answer 😂 Q) Is it cars clothes money and bitches for you? Or is it about getting your message/story out to as many mfers as possible? Anything you want to say to the "readers”? A) I could care a less about a name brand, I’m all for spreading positivity and awareness to your own self, focus on yourselves stop worrying about what the next guy is doing, people get hung up on trying to be like everybody else. Notice a lack of originality anymore? Do you and stop worrying about others. Also never be afraid to speak out when you feel a certain way, you never know how someone else is feeling that could maybe create an opportunity based on you speaking up. Thank You For Your Time Today. That's all very good, rappers that dont rap for brands, soda companies, and big pharma. That's what we want, and Lowkea is giving us that. For the "W". You can listen to Lowkea's "Spotify Top Tracks" playlist here 👇👇👇👇

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