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Lets Get The Word Out about Travel by Maple Blue

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Travel is a solid indie pop tune with a fresh, new, and tight sound. The drums are what grabbed my attention straight off the bat. Fat snare and kick. The entire set is full of punch and snap. Classic organ, bass, smooth guitar tones and wonderful vocals that sit nicely in the pocket. Terrific build-up into the chorus and awesome lyrics that take you to a place that looks almost the same as the album cover itself.

Across the board, I would have to say this Maple Blue is most importantly authentic and has captured great synergy. Keep an eye out for this group I am sure they will be crafting up some really powerful rock tunes for you to add to your playlist.

Travel Credits Main Artist • Maple Blue

Lyricist/Vocals • Malou Boisson


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