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Lets Get The Word Out About MDM By MOCC

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

MDM is designed in a way that if I were to put it into words for the reader to understand, it would go like this, MDM by MOCC is a tastefully done hip hop masterpiece. To top it off, I will have to add conceived in an almost connoisseur-like fashion. There is a strong knowledge of the history of hip-hop and its culture. He is undeniably a wizard with the lyrics. The way MOCC delivers those said lyrics overall does an excellent job of procuring one's attention throughout the entire listening experience.

To put it simply, MDM never gets boring. His perspective towards everyday concepts and the innate ability to color the perceptions of others listening to his music is all accomplished in such a unique and indelible way. Sonically speaking MDM has a remarkable balance of influences that range from 90's hip hop laced with a straightforward style and modern qualities to it. Which in my opinion is spectacular. It is the only way to achieve an authentic, fresh new, and captivating sound. Overall the Most Definitely Dope Mixtape by MOCC is hip-hop music at its finest! 10 tracks jam-packed to the brim with originality, style, and visionary wordplay. Enjoy

MDM Credits

Main Artist • Cerebral Cortex

Producer • Cerebral Cortex

Featured Producer(s) • Cvlt 45, The Canadian Butcher

Studio • Trashman Studios

Tracking/Mix • Gerard Hadley

Master Engineer • Justin Michael Tallman


On January 1st MOCC releases the long awaited and highly anticipated album dubbed War Tapes: 1942. I was lucky enough to listen to this album a while back and let me tell you if you enjoyed MDM then this sonic treasure will surely be the icing on the cake.

If you would like to pre save click the link below.


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