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Highly Influential

LGTWO Pernicious Birds
Pernicious Birds

Pernicious Birds

The highly influential (pernicious) sounds of folk guitars and vocals, mixed with the electronic touches of the keys, is what sets these "Birds" apart from the rest of the indie scene. Pernicious Birds, formed in France in 2017, delivers a visual experience through sound, a sort of documentary of sounds through the decades. Psychedelic, folk, and electronic elements that create a musically nostalgic energy. I'm ready for the movie! A preview of this collection is just a click away, see that player on the left? Click it! Having their music featured on several hit playlists including the popular "Superstar Spectacular", and a handful of singles on Spotify, including the hits "Down" ft. Rose Alaimo, "Hummingbird", and "Piers" a Diamond Lounge Remix, Pernicious Birds are proving to be a rising force in the independent scene. You can follow these Birds on social medias @BirdsPernicious and stay up to date with all their releases and upcoming projects. Get your earfocals on because this collection is a soundtrack of good vibes!

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