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Got Sax?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Pablo La Rosa Pablo La Rosa is a talented saxophone player, composer, singer/songwriter from Argentina. Combining beautiful melodies with provocative drum patterning, a soulful vocal, and brilliant engineering creates Pablo’s unique sound. The energy emitted from Pablo’s music is a calming yet upbeat vibe perfect for any mood. It’s latin flavor mixed with contemporary jazz swag, a truly amazing combination.

With only 5 singles uploaded to Spotify to date, Pablo’s music has been streamed over 100k times! Some hits include “Resprirar”, “Despacio”, and “Salir a jugar”. Very impressive to say the least. Also being a popular and humble social media presence, Pablo creates playlists featuring other independent artists music, playlists which have 100’s of followers. Pablo is a true inspiration to his peers who are, in turn, a huge inspiration to him. Got Sax? No? Tune into to Pablo La Rosa.


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