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Dimitris Nezis

Dimitris Nezis

Born in Athens, Greece Dimitris started studies in music theory at age 17 and completed studies in performance and recording shortly thereafter at London's renowned University of West London. Since then Dimitris' incredible talent brought him to work with famous Greek artists like Yiannis Ploutarxos, Kalomira, and Julie Massino to name a few. His onstage presence would also lead him into theatre, working with famous producers and actors. Not limiting his incredible talent Dimitris also broadcasts 2 radio shows on Greece's biggest web radio platforms. Having his music featured in festivals and contests all over the world, Dimitris Nezis has made himself a household name with his unique folk/electronic fusion and strong, yet harmonious, vocal ability.

While you're reading press play on the player to the right and indulge in all of its glory. With a dozen singles on all the streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and a full length album, Dimitris songs have recieved > 50k + streams! Some of his most popular hits include "Irthe i Stigmi"(The Time Has Come), "En Vrasmo Psihis" and "Harti Kameno" just to name a few. Dimitris also has songs featured on popular Spotify playlists like "Superstar Spectacular", and "Hot Summer Mixtape". I recommend following him on all the streaming platforms and on social media @dimitrisnezis to stay up to date with upcoming projects like his 2nd full length album dropping very soon! I'm not going to miss it, you shouldn't either my friends!

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