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Chill Hop


A swaggy, lo-fi fusion of chilled house/latin/hiphop/jazz sounds. Groovy melodies and smooth basslines are the secret ingredient in the sauce that master musical chef GhostDawg creates. GhostDawg is a highly motivated self-driven producer who aspires to inspire, a trendsetter in this new, genre bending era of music!

With thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, GhostDawg’s catalog of chill has seen over 100k streams from listeners all over the world! “Breathing Space”, GhostDawg’s first full- length album released earlier this year on Spotify along with 20+ other hit singles including “251” and “First Day of School” in 2019, and “Peanut Butter” in 2020. Dive into his pool of chill and relax for a bit! (Just click an image, it will save precious listening time!)


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