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Ant's On The Table?

DJ Crazy Ant

DJ Crazy Ant LGTWO
Hello, I'm DJ Crazy Ant

DJ Crazy Ant, Marine Corps. veteran serving Infantry/0311, is an EDM/House producer and tattoo artist from NY who has been making magic on the tables for two decades. Being the last of his friends to switch from wax to digital, his skills have grown with the evolution of music. Crazy Ant has done his thing at many venues over the years and really knows how to move a crowd. Spinning and blending a variety of genres of music Ant's passion is a blend of House/EDM. Having developed his own unique style and sound over the years, Ant has successfully staked his claim on the dance music scene. Press play on that box on the left, and make sure there's plenty of room around you, because he will have you bouncing around in no time at all!

Having his music featured on hit playlists like "Superstar Spectacular", and having a dozen hit singles on Spotify showcasing his wide range and taste, and incredible mixing abilities, DJ Crazy Ant is on the climb to the top of the game! Some of his hits include his latest release in September "Haunted House", "One Small Step", "Crazy Ant Trance", and "The Mob" being just a few. I highly recommend checking out the bouncy blends and funky sounds that makes Ant's catalogue unique. DJ Crazy Ant on the table! Enjoy!

DJ Crazy Ant LGTWO
DJ Crazy Ant


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