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An Electronic Adventure


LGTWO Tetra Music
Tetra Music

Tetra is an electronic music producer from Dublin, Ireland. Tetra, short for tetrachord is an ascending series of four notes, two different tetras combining to form the major scale. Utilizing tetras in electronic music like EDM and dubstep creates the subtle melodic progressions that lead to climactic bass drops, popular in dance music. Tetras unique sound comes from a balanced mixture of EDM/Dubstep. Click play 👉👉 right here, break the volume knob off the amp, and get ready for an Electronic Adventure. Tetra has released dozens of hit singles on Spotify and recently released a full length album earlier this year titled "Adventures of Tetra". Some popular hits include "Into The Mist", "Electric Runway", and "Positive Frequency". You can find Tetra online @Tetramusic1 on social media and you can find their music on all the streaming platforms! These are the "Adventures Of Tetra", Enjoy the ride!

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Oct 27, 2020

Tetra is a beast!!!!!!!


People Of The Parallel
People Of The Parallel
Oct 10, 2020

I am a huge Tetra Fan for LIFE!!!! Nothing but epic music coming from this guy! Never a dull moment in his tracks and always 110% on the sound design!

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