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A Space In Time (High Hyena Remix)

Buckle up and get ready to take a trip through time and space with High Hyena's A Space In Time Remix. A most proper Melodic Electronica track executed with finesse and style. Props go out to producer Dean Robinson and the techniques he uses when delivering those thick, deep, silky-smooth kicks. The bass is spot on.

Outstanding vocals! They really set the tone and bring the listener not only deeper into the core of the song but to deliver them out of it as well. Overall this track gave me space house disco vibes. Well-rounded uncluttered sound with lots of space and atmosphere. Great track.

A Space In Time (High Hyena Remix) Credits

Main Artist • High Hyena, Diamond Lounge, People Of The Parallel

Composer • Aaron de Luca, Dean Robinson

Producer • Aaron de Luca, Dean Robinson

Lyrics/Vocals • Justin Michael Tallman

Background Vocals • Jenna Evans

Mix/Master • Chrome Mastering

Label • Firehorse66


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