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A Diamond Duo

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Diamond Lounge Melting speakers all the way from Paris, France, Aaron and Luc are Diamond Lounge. Diamond Lounge is a fusion of energy that marries an 80’s production style and vibe with smooth, emotionally charged melodies and bass lines. Unapologetically bridging era gaps, and unabashedly refusing to identify with a specific genre.

Who are they? Aaron, starting out on the drums grew into making beats and creating sound magic, And Luc, Singer/guitarist, who has been in various rock bands, have been making music for around 3 decades. While mostly a collaborative project with features like Otysee, P.Wasy, Toy, And Elise Chantelle to name a few, some hit singles include “City Lights”, “There For You”, “Get Close”, and “The Way”. With an Extensive library emitting energy of every kind, Diamond Lounge is something you can definitely “lounge” with!


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