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Lets Get The Word Out About Far Away Lands By Diamond Lounge (Feat Samantha T and DevilDave)

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Diamond Lounge, Samantha T, and DevilDave have literally captured a melodic and harmonious dream in a bottle. This is honestly a magnificent tune. Samantha T's vocals are extraordinary. The vocal performance truly is in a class of its own.

Overall this track is uplifting, smooth, and hands down one of my favorite songs thus far in 2022. Far Away Lands will without a doubt live in complete and uninterrupted perpetuity. One of a kind tone and most certainly from another world. Let it take you away!

Far Away Lands Credits

Main Artist • Diamond Lounge

Featured Artist • DevilDave, Samantha T

Producer • Aaron De Luca,

Co Producer/Mix/Master • Justin Michael Tallman


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