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Let's Get The Word Out about Wall Grenade by Light Shadows

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Light Shadows is a one-of-a-kind duo that exudes class and memorability using the layers of artistic freedom and exploration concerning music theory and technique.

The rhythms, textures, proportions, and expressions seem to draw inspiration from a vast spectrum of musical interests such as nineties alternative, electronic, goth, punk, blues, grunge, jazz, stadium rock, and eighties music. Mix all of those ingredients: add some sugar, add some spice, and you will get well-balanced sonics, fantastic instrumentation, excellent vocals, and lyrics jam-packed with poetic creativity.

Phillip Peters and Cassandra Vincent complement each other's musicality quite nicely in an almost effortless fashion. Wall Grenade is fast, fun, and upbeat. Its sonic imagery will put you into a nightclub-like scene comparable to the one in Cabaret when Liza Minelli sings "Life Is A Cabaret".

If a song can inspire images in my mind of how it would visually look if it were on the big screen: then it's always a good song.

Phillips's musicianship and Cassandra's lyrics accompanied by her outstanding vocal melodies, make Wall Grenade one of those kinds of classics. Full of imagination and original design that will never get old. A most fabulous production.

Wall Grenade Credits

Main Artist • Light Shadows

Vocals • Cassandra Vincent

Producer/Mix • Philip Peters


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