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Bad Haz Techno - Komotive Catalogue Mix

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Bad Haz Techno presents a special live online guest mix by DJ Komotive on Thursday 19th Nov 20:00 UK Time. (Facebook event

The set features all the Bad Haz Techno promoted producers and promoted tracks so far in 2020. DJ Komotive serves up a creative & unique journey through the Bad Haz Techno promo back catalogue. (See below for live, video, audio & artist details.)

Music has always been the driving force in DJ Komotive's life. He has been toying with music for over 20 years, and has a broad appreciation of music. He enjoys playing solid Techno sets, but also branches out to sets with inflections, tangents and diversions from a wide base of genres and styles.

His first turntable experiences were from a close friend, who sparked the chain of events that have forged the direction that his interests in music have taken. Two deck's, some Happy Hardcore and a mixer were lent and the rest is history!

Komotive started out mixing at underground parties, almost by accident, by helping out to keep music playing in the late hours of the afternoon! After that the bug bit, and he has been buying 'tekno' 4x4 style music revolving around a range of sub-genre peripheries ever since!!!

His tastes have developed somewhat over the years and cover a broad spectrum of music over 20 years of mixing - Techno is still a love, but now enjoys broken beat, dark trance, dark tech-house, and lower end of electro with dark techie edges.

Twitter @komotive

Facebook @komotiveproductions

*Audio is available via:* WEBSITE ---------------------------------------- TUNEIN APP *Video Stream is available via:* ---------------------------------------- YOUTUBE ---------------------------------------- FACEBOOK ---------------------------------------- TWITCH

The set will also be available on:

Bad Haz Techno Mixcloud TBA (Available after live online event)

Bad Haz Techno YouTube TBA (Available after live online event)

The mix features the following artists & tracks:

2 Daz Scott - Geiger Counter

3 Karnevor - Tech-No-Prisoners

4 Cylotron - The Mangler

5 Hegstraction - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

6 Peter Harich - Dirt, Dust and Deception

7 Dom3n - Corpulent Wave (Dub Mix)

8 Chris Keya - Renaissance

9 Skaarl - Even More Acid

10 Electrostatic Nightmare Disco - King of Spite


12 Renée Lincoln & Dogstare - Vagabond

13 E1GHTH PLACE - Create a Monster

14 Many Elephants - Minima Alpha

15 Remixer DJMarz (Artist Chris Keya) - Figures - DJMarz (Remix)

16 klimaschreck - Past of Our Future

17 Gerard H Ft. C'hantal - The Realm

For further information on both the artists and the tracks, or if any Techno DJs would like to be added to the bi-monthly Bad Haz Techno promo mailing list, please contact Bad Haz Techno on social media or email:

Twitter @BadHazRecords

For more Bad Haz Techno, check out the Spotify playlists:

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