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Bad Haz Techno 2021 Roundup

Happy New Year to one and all! 2021 was another busy year for Bad Haz Techno. We started off with the release of our first Bandcamp compilation, Hazardous Material Volume One, featuring tracks from 12 of our promoted producers. Over the course of the year, we had thousands of plays, hundreds of listeners, and many downloads; we really appreciated all of the support. Then, throughout the year we had 22 promo tracks go out on our mailing list to DJs, with new records being set time after time, in the '% downloaded after playing' stat, which is great validation for our talent scouting! In the latter half of the year, we also started a secondary promo mailing list focusing on minimal techno, and sent out the first 4 promos (Pappelallee, Chris Bernhard, Hegstraction, & Primaudia Record / TDC Tunes), which were all well received. On Mixcloud, we had a quieter year, but still put out 4 one hour sets thanks to DJs, Peter Harich, DJ Topcat, Many Elephants, and Electrostatic Nightmare Disco, with all achieving rankings in the various charts - 8th in the global Berlin charts being the highest. One of the sets was also our first radio show - BHT Radio presented by Many Elephants - and we hope to do more of these going forward. Finally, we expanded our Bad Haz Techno Spotify playlists to include, Bad Haz Minimal Techno, Bad Haz Warehouse Techno, and Bad Haz Hard Techno (a special playlist curated by Finnish DJ & hard techno producer, Jori Samarin).

Throughout 2021, we have had continued support from Quest London Radio for our twice weekly one hour shows (Saturdays 8pm UK time & Thursdays 1am UK time), so a big thank you goes out to everyone at (Pete & DJMarz).

In 2022, we aim to bring you more quality promos starting in February, from a new wave of up and coming talent, along with some established artists, and some old Bad Haz Techno favourites. Alongside this, the next 4 minimal techno promos are prepped and ready to go featuring Giuliano Rodrigues, Ramone Stallone, MAXIM and Shrieky. We also have a few potential projects that are currently being outlined and researched that may come to the fore this year - the first potential project is Bad Haz Techno as an artist, featuring tracks by a 'secret' producer. And more predictably, the second to be realised may be the label, Bad Haz Techno - watch this space! Finally, we would like to make more use of our blog spot, kindly hosted by LGTWO ( thank you!), to do regular track reviews, in order to help artists get more exposure through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it should be a lot of fun too. Overall, 2022 is shaping up to be another big year. Thank you for your continued support, and we're looking forward to bringing you all more great content, and helping you discover new, up and coming, independent, and small label talent.

Bad Haz Techno 2021 Promos

(You can find all of these 2021 promos on our main Bad Haz Techno Spotify playlist.)

021 - Max Foley - Omega - 130 bpm

"A tense hard-driven techno track built around a strong drum kick and supersaw."

022 - Jori Samarin - Revelations - 135 bpm

"A hard techno track with a hardcore kick and dark melodies."

023 - Chris Bernhard - High - 126 bpm

"A flowing techno track with dark undertones & sincere melodies."

024 - Sam Kitt - Fault Line - 132 bpm

"A high momentum dark melodic track with driving basslines and a monumental drop."

025 - Hegstraction - Tempelhofer Feld - 140 bpm

"A fast-paced experimental techno track with Viking techno beats juxtaposed with WWII & Cold War nuclear era sirens - intense, industrial, warehouse."

026 - Stevan Mandic - Arts of Living - 128 bpm

"A peak time techno track with big dynamic transitions & hypnotic melodies."

027 - Techflex - Pangea - 135 bpm

"A straight techno track driven by stomping kicks & harsh rides, underlaid with primal vox noises, & a warning horn you can feel in your bones as Pangea threatens to tear apart."

028 - Bufinjer - Evolution - 129 bpm

"A sci-fiesque track bringing the old techno beat with a hard edgy bassline and some modern synths to round it all out."

029 - Gerard H - The Awakening - 130 bpm

"A hard hitting style woven around unearthly sounds, dark melodies, and rhythmic stab-like synths."

030 - Dan North (formerly, BULLDOOZER) - Bunker - 133 bpm

"A fast-paced track with several transitions building to powerful drops, complete with sirens, horns & dark undertones."

031 - I A N - Pearl - 135 bpm

"A dark techno track combining mysterious melodies and energetic beats, creating a danceable tension that makes the atmosphere oscillate between these two opposites."

"From the same producer who brought us the epic Minima Alpha in promo 006, an atmospheric dystopian high energy track with inspirational melodies."

033 - Ramone Stallone - Ice Cube - 134 bpm

"A dark progressive track with mysterious soundscapes & multiple 'ice cube' samples."

034 - DZM - Gorgeous - 130 bpm

"From the producer who brought you the epic acid track, The Worm, in promo 002, here is another peak time/driving track laced with heavy atmosphere and draped in emotional undertones."

035 - MAXIM - Ilusion - 154 bpm

"A hard techno track with dark industrial elements, and acid fluctuations."

036 - Sensory Deprivation - Reborn - 150 bpm

"A hard techno track with demonic warbling basslines & frenetic rhythmic percussion."

037 - Peter Harich - Maximum - 131 bpm

"A techno track in the modern classic style with building anticipation & futuristic sci-fi vibes."

038 - Vilko - Dancing With Chimeras - 129 bpm

"A peak time driving techno track with dark warbly bass & energising melody."

039 - Pulsenoizer - Strong - 128 bpm

"A peak time driving techno track with dark sci-fi elements, sanguine melody, rounded out with acid layers."

040 - Hegstraction - Airlock - 132 bpm

"A dark, industrial, sci-fi track with a supersaw bass building tension to a release midway through."

041 - kollevinsky - Shivering Truth - 138 bpm

"A driving techno track brimming with energy, acid melody, and atmospheric soundscape."

"A driving techno track with dark complexity and hypnotic frequencies."

Bad Haz Techno 2021 Minimal Techno Promos

(You can find these on our Bad Haz Minimal Techno Spotify playlist, along with many other great minimal tracks.)

002 - Chris Bernhard - Stasis - 126 bpm

Bad Haz Techno 2021 Mixcloud sets

Bad Haz Techno Spotify Playlists

Wishing you all the best in 2022 from all of us @ Bad Haz Techno :)

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Jan 26, 2022

Amazing work, BHT! Keep the quality tracks coming!

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