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Bad Haz Techno 2020 Roundup

Merry Christmas one and all! We'd like to bring you a summary of 2020 events in the world of Bad Haz Techno (BHT). First, the mailing list has grown from 360 techno DJs who received promo 001, to over 1000 receiving promo 020. It has been a great first year for the promotional service, with many proof of concept targets achieved, such as promotions being used in DJ sets online and in clubs; in radio shows, podcasts and YouTube videos; purchases on Beatport; track feedback comments; and collaborations between BHT promoted producers.

Over the course of the year we sent out 20 BHT promotions drawing from a diverse talent of mainly independent producers with some on Indie labels. Here is a quick review of each promotion (click on the artist or track name for a link to all platforms). After the promos, please check out the Mixcloud sets by our in-house DJs, Electrostatic Nightmare Disco & Peter Harich, and guest DJs, Rwbel & Komotive, featuring many other tracks by our BHT promoted producers:

Bad Haz Techno 2020 Promos

"A Berlin techno underground sound. The beat pushes the pace with level changes and sounds to stimulate and energize, whilst creating an industrial feel and encompassing atmosphere."

002 - DZM - The Worm - 128 bpm

"A hypnotic acid techno track."

"This track isn’t typical of the genre; it’s a bit more Industrial and dark, but that’s what I like, creating an atmosphere. It’s music for the 3am walk home through empty alleyways, and ... did that bin just move?!"

004 - E1GHTH PLACE - Create A Monster - 128 bpm

"The concept behind "Create a Monster" was spawned from the various video games that I had played when I was younger. Just thinking about the idea behind how there were human experiments done to produce something so vile was really dark and spooky, so I created a song that was based off of that. I first came up with some dark sound designs and sound effects which I then later on added in that repetitious arp to give it a feeling of insanity. As the song progressed, the track became tense and chaotic which is precisely what I was aiming for."

005 - Hegstraction - Berghain Hard - 170 bpm

"This track is a Berlin techno underground sound made to represent the pace & hardness found in the top Berlin club, Berghain, whilst mimicking the imposing Berghain building itself with its austere qualities. It has industrial & minimal elements throughout."

006 - Many Elephants - Minima Alpha - 125 bpm

"A dramatic evocative haunting techno track with space-like elements and a big room sound."

007 - Skaarl - Even More Acid - 129 bpm

"A smooth flowing techno track dripping with acid."

008 - Cylotron - The Mangler - 140 bpm

"It is a bass heavy techno track with textured hard beats and dark threatening elements."

"I wanted to create a drum based, earthy track influenced by nature. Dirt, Dust & Deception is about conquering those dangerous areas where man should not be. It's also an homage to my outdoor raving days, the dirt floor, the dust in the massive tent in the middle of nowhere."

010 - Gerard H - The Realm 128 bpm

"Created by throwing in multiple genres and influences picked up over the long period of time listening to electronic music, carrying old skool and new age vibes."

011 - Daz Scott - Geiger Counter 130 bpm

"We are sensing high volumes of radiation coming from this track with its intense hard tech style, hammering kicks, sophisticated samples and epic FX. The Geiger Counter is going off the scale!"

"A pulsating driving techno track with thoughtful percussive elements; 'a reminder of this time, and that this time will be our history'."

"An atmospheric remix with a little 90’s trance vibe in it."

014 - Karnevor - Tech-No-Prisoners 125 bpm

"A rhythmic techno track with trippy vocals & minimal melodic elements."

015 - Robin Hirte - Manhatten 123 bpm

"A soulful driving atmospheric track with iconic synths and subtle acid elements, inspired by experiencing the energy of walking through New York."

"A deep dark driving techno track with unearthly synths from the depths, contrasted with trance-inducing calming elements."

017 - Chris Keya - Renaissance 130 bpm

"A dark techno track influenced by Berlin techno imagery with a hint of Gesaffelstein dark clubbing style that gives the track its characteristic melodic but still powerful sound."

"A combination of almost wistful melodic top-lines laid over driving percussive beats, interspersed with atmospheric sounds and vocal samples."

"A dark driving industrial track featuring vocal samples from the 1999 Japanese horror film, Audition."

"A hard hitting techno track with an energetic beat that is equally at home on the dance floor and in spinning class. 'You're treading on the edge of disaster', and that's what we are doing with the planet. There is no planet B guys, so lets succeed with planet A."

Bad Haz Techno 2020 Mixcloud sets

See you in 2021 for much more Bad Haz Techno!

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People Of The Parallel
People Of The Parallel
Dec 22, 2020

Legit post my friend! Tons of great things going to happen for Bad Haz in 2021!


Sir Connectalot
Sir Connectalot
Dec 22, 2020

Nice 👍

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