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People Of The Parallel

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Some may state that People Of The Parallel is one of Nashville's best-kept secrets. Here is an Artist that has been able to tap into the Dubstep and EDM genre and throw an unforgettably unique twist into the mix. When asked where did you get your sound? He responded with a laugh followed by an unforgettable smile, after a brief pause he then said: "with my mouth". When asked if he could elaborate he replied with, "all of my sounds are original and created from scratch I make everything from the ground up. The whole song by-itself was just me beatboxing and humming melodies and bass-lines to capture an idea at first. Once I like the arrangement I choose my instruments wisely and overdub what my original idea was." What made you decide to choose this method of recording your music? "I feel it's more natural to do it this way, instead of wasting time pondering on an idea that I might forget about if I overthink it too much. I tend to overthink things too much." 

POTP was first inspired at the age of 8 when hearing his brother play Für Elise by Beethoven on the family piano. From that moment on he stated that he was hooked. "When my mom wasn't around I would pretend to be Mozart and slam on the keys like some kind of wild animal." He started creating musical arrangements when he was 17. He reminisces on the days when he and his friends would gather at his friend's apartment in Northwest Chicago and makeup rap songs using loop-based programs like Acid Pro. How did you guys record it? "We used to record on those now ancient tiny little off white computers. We would make a beat then set the computer next to the bathroom and record the vocals in the shower. Those were the days and they were priceless". When he was old enough to hit the clubs and bars he and his crew would perform at various clubs in Chicago's underground scene.

No matter where he was no matter what he was doing, in the end, he claims that he always came back to the music. He went on to study music at the world-renown Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to learn everything he could about Audio Engineering and Sound Production.

Worked at the world-famous Omni Sound Studios in Nashville as an Intern and then as an Independent Engineer. Has worked with notable artists such as Joe Morris (Drummer For Esteban), Will Hoge (American-Singer Songwriter) Tony Stampley (American Composer Singer/Songwriter) Camille Harrison (American Singer/Songwriter), Patrick Barber (Grammy Nominated Producer) George Hare (Grammy Nominated Engineer). Upon listening to his works it is quite obvious he knows how to deliver a quality of sound that is on the level with the current industry standards. The music has a beautiful yet eccentric tone to it it is elevating, Uplifting, intelligent and sophisticated. He believes his sound came from a mixture of everything that he was exposed to as a child. He states that "when you're a kid you pretty much listen to what your parents listen to, and as you get older, whether you want to admit it or not, those songs stay with you forever." That's one of the reasons he likes to Produce and Engineer songs in many different genres of music. His list of inspiration ranges from Billy Joel, The Doors, DJ Rectangle, Wu -Tang Clan, Skrillex, Glitch Mob, DJ Kool Herc, Dr.Dre and Eminem. He then stated that "If I were to compile a list it would go on forever and in many different directions. Being introduced to so much music growing up helped me develop an ear for what works and what doesn't in the music I Produce and Create."  ~ LIFOTI Magazine Issue 9 September 2019

People Of The Parallel is a Musical Artist based out of Nashville Tennessee.
 Founder and CEO of the LGTWO movement.
 Was featured in LIFOTI Magazine Issue 9 September 2019 


 EDM / Dubstep / Electro / Pop / Alternative Rock / Singer-Songwriter / Industrial / Rap

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