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Sleeping? Not For Long.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Awaking The Elements

LGTWO Awaking The Elements
Awaking The Elements (A-T-E)

With a combination of progressing electronic melodies and an energy that is sure to get you moving, Awaking The Elements is waking up the dance scene. EDM/House producer from Leicestershire,England is literally Awaking The Elements essential in perking up those ears, and getting folks dancing. The naturally progressing melodies and strong basslines create a sort of other-worldly energy, leaving the listener intrigued and wanting to discover more! A.T.E has us stumbling upon a musical eutopia,

With 11 singles on Spotify and Soundcloud, YouTube, AppleMusic, Bandcamp, Deezer, and ReverbNation, A.T.E.'s library speaks for itself! Top single "Entity" is closing in on 20k streams, with hits "Dark Winter", "Eutopia" Ft. Andrew Gabriel, and most recently released "Chasing The Dragon" not far behind! You can follow A.T.E. on social media @AwakingElements and on Soundcloud @ A-T-E. Strap on your ear-subs and let's begin Awaking The Elements!


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