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Pete Vagabond: applying the Swede’s songwriting catchiness in a progressive house key

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Pete Vagabond is the most recent project of Peter Nilsson, a young producer who is finding his own voice by applying his Swedish “pop magic” genes in the electronic music realm. This is resulting in a catalog of songs that contain the usual catchiness of the Swedish “Pure Pop” hits, but with a more progressive, electronic sound. He manages to combine the organic feel of acoustic instruments with engaging synth sounds, creating songs that cross seamlessly from one genre to another, appealing a wide range of audiences.

His songs are sweet and catchy, some of them calm and romantic, and others full of disco feel and energy. In his short journey as a music producer, that started at the end of 2019, Peter has released 5 original tracks, and, just in Spotify, he counts with more than 9000 followers and almost 100K streams, a considerable record for a fully independent artist sailing in the extremely competitive sea of the electronic pop music.

This success might be related to the fact that Pete has been fascinated about the magical process of making music since he was a child. Before his teens, he started to play around with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), making use of the first versions of FL Studio (Fruity Loops) and Cubase to program his very first sounds. Later on he studied piano, instrument that would become his favorite and the source of inspiration for a great amount of his musical ideas. Until his late teens he further developed his musical skills as the bass player of a Swedish rock band called "Shape" that performed covers of a wide range of musical styles (pop, rock, metal, etc) together with some original songs. This experience introduced Pete, quite early in life, to the world of live performances. The band ceased their activity in 2014, but, since then, Pete and the former vocalist of the band, the gifted singer Erik Ekström, have been taking any chance to get together for jamming, working in new music, and performing as musical duet in weddings and other social events.

One can imagine that spending so much time in music, and having the control of the DAWs since such an early age would lead to a great amount of musical ideas. This is what happened to Pete, that one day found himself with hard-drives full of projects that still hadn´t had the chance of seeing the light. That was when he thought about start releasing his music. He was highly inspired by the sound of the late 90s, the techno era, so he decided that his electronic projects would be the first ones to develop until their final shape. Soon after that, his project Pete Vagabond came to life with a debut single that, interestingly, was titled “Back to Life”. Since then, Pete has been progressively incorporating more and more acoustic elements to his tracks, giving them a warmer feel.

"Once Again" is his latest single, that Pete co-wrote with his brother. It is a song that talks about longing for someone important that has just disappeared from your life, and wondering if you would ever come together with that person once again.

Although Pete Vagabond´s sound signature is electronic, Peter is actually a highly flexible artist, able to work with many different styles and always ready to help and provide feedback to fellow artists in their production endeavors. Currently, he is working as an IT specialist in Sweden, but one of his dreams is moving to the USA and start his own production studio, where keep making original music whilst helping other artists to make the most of their tracks.

He is also great in photography and design, and, I am sure he would like me to highlight that he loves coffee very much. He is also very collaborative, and he is always seeking for opportunities to work with different artists, make new friends and take new musical challenges. He is preparing a lot of new songs and other surprises for 2021, when he plans to release an EP and some acoustic versions of his electronic songs. Stay tuned to see what he is up to by connecting with him in the following links from social media and streaming platforms: Webpage: Twitter:

If you want to listen to the AleOli Music Sauce radio program, when we interviewed Pete Vagabond, click here.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and had a good time listening to Pete's cool tracks! More soon,


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