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People of the Parallel - Artist Exploration

Can's Headphones

Oct 5, 2020

The first song I fell in love with was 'Eyes and See' and I don't think I'm unlike many there. That was a few months ago when I stumbled across People of the Parallel. Given the opportunity to do a deeper dive is honestly something I'm ecstatic to do, especially since I found songs like 'Ice Box' and 'Killed It'.

Going through this catalog there is a lot to learn about Nashville-based EDM artist People of the Parallel. I don't want to start right away with my favorite song because I think ending with it will help to show the growth that this artist has gone through over the years. One of the most interesting things I found out about PotParallel(isn't that fun!) digging around is that he likes to start his creative process with - and get this - his mouth! I was kind of shook when I read that the first time, too, almost think it was sarcasm initially. He elaborates about how he finds his foundation using his mouth to make noises and whatnot than when the structure is there he goes in the box and fills in all the important bits with what you hear now - synths, hits, drums, and most importantly, vocal samples. Knowing that makes listening to songs like 'Its Your Birthday' really fun because I can just imagine a man sitting behind a desk beatboxing to himself in the rhythms and builds I hear now. They work, too!

Dubstep and EDM have always been something that might be out of my grasp forever - I went through my electronic phase as a kid. Had the iPod shuffle filled with Skrillex, BOTDF, Teddybear, Nero, you guys know the good stuff. I even did a lot of demos which are probably (shamefully) floating around on the internet somewhere. It's the chaos I think that messes with me a little - I have found ways to adjust to things like Noise-Rock but Dubstep especially never came as anything more than noisy dance music. People of the Parallel didn't lose his drive through that 2012 - 2015 decline in the genre though. If anything, it seems that when singles like 'Rescue Me Rescue You' and 'Time' started popping up in 2019 for streaming, PotParallel had a little more to prove than those who were looking to reenter the scene for the hype.

'Rescue Me Rescue You' is a good testament to the People of the Parallel's attempt to stand above the rest of the noise (no pun intended). Most of my nit-picking was at a technical level and even then, it's wasn't super often. Going through People of the Parallel's background it seems like there is a long history of hanging around studios interning or even working behind the board as an independent engineer. The musicality is there, too. That can more than likely be attribute to People Of The Parallel's long exposure to music within the family and on the business side. 'Rescue Me Rescue You' borders between EDM and Pop and that is one of the things I like about it. It's almost like listening to an early 2000's Justin Timberlake song. There is a lot to like in this song - the drive behind the beat. It keeps you moving the entire time, even in the slightest way. I like the way the cadences shift, too. Time changes are important in EDM and lots of people do a great job at butchering them so I'll tip my hat to you.

Another song I really liked was 'A Memory of You'. Going into a catalog I'm always looking for versatility - the ability to be versatile is an essential asset to artists. People of the Parallel shift gears in this single to bring you some alternative rock vibes, straying a little away from the pop scene and digging into a little bit of...Latin? Feels Latin, I have to say. A very chill instrumental track, this opens the room for slow-dancing within the catalog or easy listening for anyone at home or consuming this piece of media. Audio capture is done very well in this piece and the mix is well put together. Everything has its place and....the percussion is compressed I could probably cry. I'm gonna put it all on the line here and say this was done with live instruments and it was done right. I'm going to have to put on more hats to tip here soon.

Getting a little more into what brought me to People of the Parallel's playlist all those (3! haha) months ago I present to you 'Ice Box'. As a classical music appreciator/major band nerd/music theory buff I am a sap for unique melodies and key changes. 'Ice Box' is just that. It starts off in the key of G major and goes...well somewhere. I feel like we go down to the relative minor but I can't be super sure nowadays haha. Either way, it does it for me and sits in this really nice place in my stomach. PotParallel does a good job of changing things up in tiny little ways through each little segment of the song, and the transitions are pretty nice. I really bought into the saw synth in the background, too. I think that was very nicely executed and wasn't far from being too grating. At times, it was almost pleasant!

So, last but certainly not least, I present to you 'Eyes and See'. I could probably do an entire write-up of why I think that song deserves a very special place in spin charts across the country. However, I am but a man - with a Plan! might I add - and I am here gushing to you here for now. And where to start?! This song is right up there with Imagine Dragons-Esque stadium bangers. The vocals are leaps and bounds past where they have been in previous works. I still get gooseys going through this song occasionally. In terms of being a story, it has all the important parts - the lyrics resonate with the listener and the singability for those who are familiar with the song is off the charts. I'm curious to see what is next after 'Eyes and See' - this song hit so many boxes on my checklist the first time going through I was shocked I hadn't heard this ANYWHERE else until I stumbled upon it one day on Twitter. PotParallel's mixing in this one is off the charts, too. That's where we get our "stadium-anthem-ness"; there are deep and captivating bass hits. The vocals are paired with the perfect effects to give an ethereal and omnipotent feeling. Vocals and percussion in the background keep the listener involved the entire time. This honestly feels like it's one phone call away from being somewhere big.

Can's Headphones October 2020

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