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“The Catfish” by The PhD

Can's Headphones

Dec 9, 2020

2020 has been a really shit year. Absolutely trash. A dumpster fire at its finest. Imagine to my surprise to find out, that some of my favorites independent artists decided to form a sort of supergroup. The PhD debuts People of the Parallel, High Hyena, and Diamond Lounge in an epic blues-rock performance.

If you aren’t familiar with the three I mentioned above, it won’t necessarily affect your listening experience (if you’re a super fan comment what PhD means at the end of the writeup) but it would greatly impact your understanding of where this fusion of genres came from. In fact, I’m going to resist every urge I have to elaborate on what that means. But it’s awesome, and after you finish this write up you definitely need to go check out those three as individuals. Enough gushing though. ‘The Catfish’ by the PhD is what has brought us all here.

It’s a great song.

I want to start with the fusion of blues and progressive rock. It is a sickly sweet melody/rhythm combination that does a better job of hooking the listener than most pop songs do. The composition of this song is pretty outstanding. We’re talking guitar riffs, heavy synths, clean-cut prog-rock kits - the whole shebang. I’m not super sure who all did vocals on this - if it was all 3 of you congrats on getting such a clean cut with hundreds of miles between y’all. Regardless of who did the vocal, they are clean-cut, high octane, full throttle, and everything you could want out of such an energetic piece. ‘The Catfish’ is an excellent testament to the abilities of The PhD as a group of electronic artists coming together for such an epic collaboration.

So without enough words or understanding of the universe to fully explain how amazing this hodgepodge of vastly different EDM artists came together to make this beautiful masterpiece, I once again must urge you to listen to ‘The Catfish’ by The PhD. I would cry if this is the last song they put out, but I also know I’d probably be able to die a happy, content, southern Louisiana bayou crawdad-man. And if that isn’t what life is about, I don’t know what is.

Can's Headphones December 2020

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