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“Real Good” by People of the Parallel

Can's Headphones

Jul 14, 2021

Here we are again - talking about a long-time favorite over here at Can’s Headphones. While he may not be the father of EDM, he’s definitely our step-dad when it comes to being introduced to the electronic dance genre. Without further ado, let’s talk about “Real Good” and one of the best indie music producers we know.

“Real Good” - it’s real good; in a way that is unique and alluring. At this point, it’s fair to say that People of the Parallel has a very distinct sound behind the board. He seems to find a way to introduce older tropes of the genre into his more modern electronic music compositions. One thing that I’ve come to love about People of the Parallel’s music is the way he builds the tension in this song.

Bass drops aren’t going anywhere in the EDM scene and to be honest, we all love them a little bit, no matter how cringe our emo scene was in middle school. People of the Parallel has found little ways to finesse his drops though; they have such a unique peak and often times are roller coasters of highs and lows themselves. One of my favorite things is when he builds the tension then cuts it all together without any sort of actual drop - almost like waking up from a dream where you feel like your falling.

Another thing I’ve come to enjoy when listening to People of the Parallel’s music are the little holes in the gates and LFO’s. The rates of some of these effects would seem uncanny to any green producer. However, when you get a chance to play with some of these plugins and hardware settings, you find that really weird and cool stuff starts to happen. If you try a 1/16th gate on your mix, it’ll trip you out. I can’t speak exactly to what the speed this indie producer is using to create these rhythm driving effects are, but I can say the trance effect People of the Parallel manufactures is, well - unparalleled in the industry.

It’s hard to listen to any People of the Parallel song just once, which is why I’ve been listening to “Real Good” since I started doing this writeup. (Oop, there I go again, giving away company secrets.) In the meantime, if you enjoy electronic dance songs then People of the Parallel is a good addition to any electronic music dance party. Once again, People of the Parallel has delivered something refreshing for his current fans, and alluring to those just stopping by for a listen. If you haven’t already, go follow this talented musician for more music to come.

Can's Headphones July 2021

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