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“I Want It Now (People of the Parallel Remix)” by Charley Young

Gregory Davidson from Can's Headphones

Oct 8, 2021

She doesn’t care if it’s a mess. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t impress. For fans of synth-pop, EDM/dubstep, and good music, this jam is far from messy and is an impressive take on her solid song. Charley Young doesn’t mince her words, but People of the Parallel does just that in this heavy-hitting remix of, “I Want it Now (People of the Parallel Remix).”

The song opens with the oscillating buzz of snarling sawtooth synths spinning into synchronization as Charley Young unapologetically introduces herself and her “take no prisoners” lyrical attitude.

Charley’s ambitious drive is depicted by her simple yet powerful phrases and is infectious to hear. As mechanized as her voice sounds, her personality cuts through with honesty and is straight to the proverbial punch. She delivers a subtle yet direct dominance to the vocal theme and tonality of the song, which in turn makes me want to grab life by the reins and seize each day. The bold confidence exuded by her voice emboldens “I Want it Now (People of the Parallel Remix)” and leads me to believe Charley Young is ready to take on the pop charts.

The assertive vocal lines are finely chopped, diced, and processed into a reverberant ooze of automated aural syncopation. That drips between each hard percussive hit, complimenting the aggressive attack of the track’s dubstep beat.

The musical arrangement features dynamic passages that weave throughout the song. Offering alternate beat patterns; or different ambient atmospheric textures, all the song’s sections sway and swell into energetic build-ups that pull the main theme back into hard focus each time the chorus drops.

The balance and articulation of the different “wide” frequency sounds are impressive and reveals People of the Parallel’s attention to detail that rivals the work of other EDM practitioners. 

The bridge is most memorable for its dynamics and fine-tooth comb editing and shows this is not People of the Parallel’s first rodeo when it comes to remixing songs.

The beat never loses drive, nor does Charley. It leads the listener down a twisting path of digital instrumentation until Charley leaves us with her closing line. The urgency promoted by the song’s namesake hook, “I Want it Now (People of the Parallel Remix),” makes me want to give this song another spin. It also leaves me with the feeling that I might not be able to get enough of Charley Young’s music.

Gregory Davidson from Can's Headphones

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