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“Everywhere A Devil” by AirDrop ft. People of the Parallel

Can's Headphones

May 1, 2021

‘Everywhere A Devil’ is everything I loved about pop music from the early 2000’s. Artists like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, David Guetta, and Justin Timberlake dominated the charts and the dance floors with toxic melodies that would rock your body. AirDrop takes a bite out of that page, featuring some excellent vocals from People of the Parallel. Overall, another top-notch production.

So what’s so great about ‘Everywhere A Devil’? Well, first off, shame on you for not giving it a listen yet. However, I am here to be an advocate for the music so I’ll tell you either way. From my listening experience, People of the Parallel is a talented producer/musician and from my brief exploration of AirDrop’s catalog, I can see how these two powerhouses ended up working together. While the two complement each other, they each bring something unique to this electropop single here. People of the Parallel bring their high-energy vocals and spirited guitar melodies while AirDrop finesses the composition with high energy pop synths.

I’m torn on how I feel about this production. ‘Everywhere A Devil’ gives me the same amount of goosies a felt when listening to ‘Eyes and See’ for the first time, however, I’ve grown a lot since then as well and I hold the 10 rating to such a gold standard, we’ll have to try and pull this apart a bit going into this. However, I’ve listened to the song..3..4..6 times by now and I’m confident that you will at least love this song as much as I do.

Going through this song, it’s obvious that both of these artists know what they're doing - People of the Parallel is a big name over here at Can’s Headphones, so were familiar with his production career - and it seems like AirDrop is up there in caliber as well. Putting that extra scrutiny on these two, I still can’t seem to find the minutia that I tend to find in some of these more competent and finessed mixes. ‘Everywhere A Devil’ is a high-energy, radio-ready, and intoxicating single that is shamefully underplayed as of right now, let alone out of rotation.

So what makes the song so good - cause, after all, you are probably just a music lover yourself and not a music production nerd like me. Which is fair - thanks for letting me gush a bit. What makes ‘Everywhere A Devil’ work so well is really the progressions and melodies in the vocals paired with the moving bass. I’m not sure who's making the calls on the chords in the background, but boy do they work. Throw that into a smart counter vocal to the main melody, and you’ve got something that could call back to the days of DONTTRUSTME’ coming on the radio every day and playing in almost every retail outlet imaginable.

So if you haven’t already, you should probably go and give ‘Everywhere a Devil’ a listen and even make sure to check out People of the Parallel and AirDrop, if you haven’t started already. We’ve been keeping our eye on People of the Parallel, and you should be too! However, both of these artists are all geared up for the limelight with this one. Either way, it’s clear their careers are moving forward and it will be exciting to see more productions like this come out.

Can's Headphones May 2021

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