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Dimash Kudaibergen - S.O.S Slavic Bazaar ~ Димаш Құдайберген - SOS "Славян Базары - 2018" ашылуы

Classical Singer Dimash Kudaibergen live performance of the amazing song "S.O.S" hailing from Kazakhstan and gaining popularity across the world, Dimash Kudaibergen shows off a 6 octave range hitting his highest note of D8.c I present my reaction to S.O.S

Ekoh Ft. Almost Normal - Daudrie

In This video Ekoh (a rising independent hip hop artist) Tells the story of Audrie, a high school girl who just wanted to be popular, and what happened that led to her taking her own life... Theres a very powerful message here. Please share.

GoodSoul - Now Y'all Know

Check out my reaction to the Homie @3GoodSoul3
and this conscious joint "Now Y'all Know" my guy always with the real!

Roman365 - Underground

Yooo check out this original Track by my homie Roman365 "Underground" is a bar heavy "slowed and throwed" description of what my guy is going thru Right now!

Dutch Schultz - Prelude To A Diss Track (Special Delivery Remix)

Here im reacting to the Homie Dutch Schultz @Strictlybiz860
and his remix of "Special Delivery" "Prelude To A Diss Track" is a warning shot to anyone who wants that smoke!

Tru Werdz - They Can't Stand Me

This thing right here OUUUUUUUUUU!
My man uses the beat and the flow to create a perfect mix of smooth melodies, harmonic vocals and sub melting bass! Every track is setting the internet on fire!!!!!!

People Of The Parallel - Killed It

In this video we vibe with some wild guitar mixes, incredible mixing skills are always impressive, this was a solid bonfire!

Tru Werdz - Im Still Nice

Thats a fact! the wordplay and flow on this are insane! Tru always bring the heat and this beat got cooked!

TTO- Villians

TTO is a group consisted of TK Green, Studious Pupil, Smoke Generxtor, DJ Slimboogz, and Young Dub. Villians features Blaze Tha Meziah TK and Studious to set this whole track in flames.

Triple Ice - Dear Hip Hop

Trip is fed up with the YouTube community beefing with each other when we are all in this together. this anti disstrack is highly needed in the community right now. Big ups to Trip for this dope concept!

RaiiN - Loyalty

RaiiN always spits from a place of real emotion and in this hes talking about this rare thing loyalty noone seems to have anymore.

D.I.T. x CasualCheater x Holla At Krazy - Back At It

Here we have my very good friend D.I.T. an artist whose music is a reflection of his pain. Thru the pain you can hear my homie saying "We Gone Make It" this track was very important to D.I.T. because of the guys that featured on his song. D.I.T. one of the realest in the game!

BotBMusic Cypher

This is a group cypher featuring Casual Cheater, EP Music, Charlie Gist, RaiiN, Jekyl, and BLINDSIGHT. This shows why slept on artists are on the rise in 2020! FIRE!!!

CaSuaLChEaTeR - No Gimmicks

This is an entry into BattlBeats competition Casual Cheater - No Gimmicks. Casual is the co founder of BotB (Bottom Of The Barrel) Music promotions and a good friend of mine, his goal is to get the UNDERGROUND HEARD! No Gimmicks! All Support! Plus the mans a talented rapper!

Tru Werdz - No Mercy

In this video im reacting to a talented artist by the name of Tru Werdz and his banger "No Mercy" these lyrics have no mercy these are facts!

People Of The Parallel - Wormholes

"Wormholes-Theres No Escapin It" Ft. Studious Pupil. This joint is all out fun! Crazy vocal and synth mixes, you just not escapin it!

Jekyl - Her Eyez

Here im reacting to the homie Jekyl and his beautiful song to his daughter "Her Eyez" it warms my heart to hear a daddy tell his daughter exactly what she means to him. <3

JLaw/HonestMusic - Facts

Here we have a conscious spitter from NYC. JLaw - Facts is the homie speaking real. The term HonestMusic is a reflection of his lyrics.

Alyasa_GK - Ghost Mode

In this video im reacting to an artist who fuses rap/rock elements to produce a unique, fire sound! Alyasa-GK Ghost Mode is a perfect example!

BLINDSIGHT - Love Our Reactors

Here im reacting to independent HipHop Artist BLINDSIGHT showing love to the people who helped him rise. "Love Our Reactors" is an appreciation from him to us. <3 i show a little love for my brother in my reaction!

Swayze - Make It Out

In this im reacting to Canadian HipHop artist Swayze "Make It Out" its about making it out alive, never giving up on your dreams. His motto is "Never Quit, Mindset Means Everything"

Fritz - Heroes Never Die

In this video i react to independent recording artist Fritz and his jammy "Heroes Never Die"

X-Isle The Wanderer - ISIS Remix

In this video i react to the Homie X-Isle and his "ISIS" remix, fam this is insane bars. you have been warned.

Roman365 - My Life

In this video i react to Texas HipHop artist Roman365 and his ROMIX of the classic MJB joint "My Life" yes my man remixed MJB !

Ty/or - Had You Waiting

In this video i react to a young rapper named Tylor and his fire joint "Had You Waiting" off his "Martian" Ep. This one is epic!

Factor 50 - Terminator

Here i react to an artist from the UK by the name of Factor50 and his banger "Terminator" this track goes all types of hard covered in BARRRZ

X-Isle The Wanderer Interview

Episode 1 of Independent Artist Spotlight featuring midwest recording artist X-Isle The Wanderer

Studious Pupil - Libra

Here we have midwest recording artist Studious Pupil with his mello joint "Libra" smooth melodies mixed with dope lyrics, and a nice subliminal message completes this masterpiece.

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