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The PhD

The PhD

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When most people think of a band, what do they think of?

Well, usually you’d probably think of some guys, or girls, or both for that matter who knew each other at school, or college, etc. Well, these aren’t usual times; they are as far from usual as it gets. We live in a world where at times, you can feel more connected to someone 500 miles away or even 4000 miles away than the person next door.

The PhD started as an idea, a talk of a collaboration between 3 electronic artists who became friends online in unprecedented times. One artist from Nashville, USA one from Harrogate, U.K and one from Paris, France.

In conversation, it became apparent that there was a shared passion for Blues, Classic Rock, and everything in between. An idea sparked and within one week, their first song, The Catfish, was nearly completed. Bringing a heavy guitar and organ, blues rock instrumental, laid back vocals, and a positively soaring chorus. The PhD has arrived.

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