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Séan is making his mark with his powerful live show and brilliant songs.

Sean has been playing music and singing since he was a baby. Of Irish and Zambian descent he was listening to the The Gladiators, Simon and Garfunkel and some Turkish folk pop while he has in the womb.

A massive variety of music is played in Sean's home from the latest AfroBeats to Sonny Boy Williamson.

The house is always home to calling musicians, the creme of Leicester's crop playing, jamming and recording. Live shows have been attended by Sean since he was a toddler.

He is a creative naturally talented musician who has developed his own voice, a distinctive soulful sound that is full of energy and teen spirit.

Sean turned 17 in July 2019 and does not have a 'fat' bio to go on and on about. He is now a professional and competent singer songwriter with an ear for a catchy melody and smooth sound.

In the meantime he is writing more songs and laying down the recording foundations for them.

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