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Diamond Lounge

Diamond Lounge

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Diamond Lounge find themselves caught somewhere between the 80s and the distant future. With soaring, emotionally provocative synthwork combined with contemporary flair that sees them draw from modern electro, Diamond Lounge set out to personify the perfect blend between 80s production and modern day sounds.

Based out of Paris, France, Aaron and Luc have been making music together for over three decades. Aaron started as a drummer in Blues Garage band and progressed into making beats, playing keys and becoming a producer. Luc on the other hand, got his start singing and playing guitar in Pop Rock bands before joining Aaron’s Diamond Lounge project.

Diamond Lounge’s process is often collaborative, allowing for a wider scope of experimentation. Their debut single 'Silence', released in 2019, featured vocals from Malou, and their latest Ep ‘Night Songs’ saw them collaborate with various talented artists from the Indie Scene. Diamond Lounge’s track ‘Anything’ put them in the limelight, amassing over 55,000 streams on Spotify and landing placement on 35+ playlists.

With their shared ambition to create modern and catchy tunes while bridging the gap between the 80s and sounds of today, Diamond Lounge have only scratched the surface. They are currently setting the wheels in motion for their next single ‘There For You’. Further release details to follow.


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