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Cosme De La Cruz

Cosme De La Cruz

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Cosme André De La Cruz Garcia known as Cosme De La Cruz was born on July 5, 1995 in the city of Coquimbo, Chile.

He is DJ and EDM music composer (Trap, House and Drum and Bass)

The year 2015 has debuted with his first extended play called "A Girl with Scenic Illusions" and a year later with "Razonate" on Soundcloud.

One year later. Due to health and family problems, he had to suspend his career for only one year.

In 2017 mean he was study in the college. he changed his stage name to "ZEST" (only two EPs have been released) but there was a problem. there were already artists with the same name.

That is why in November of that year he returned to the old ways calling himself "Cosme De La Cruz" with his first promotional EP Stoked and one year later with his first album Black.

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