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bYNUM is an electronic music producer from the United States. Although his favorite genre is EDM, he diversifies his sound with influences form House, Progressive, Trance, Dubstep, Hip-hop, Pop, Dance, and other genres.
His production style is designed to yield songs that demand to be listened to form start to finish.
Essential elements include powerful rhythm, memorable melodies, and uplifting harmony.
These combine to form songs that force listeners to enthusiastically dance, bounce, or close their eyes in anticipation of what comes next.
bYNUM's music is energetic yet emotional, powerful yet thought-provoking, edgy yet euphoric.
His debut album “In My Mind” was released one year ago.
Since then, bYNUM has been producing new tracks, doing remixes, collaborating with other artists, and planning his next move. Upcoming releases will include House music sets on MixCloud, collaborations, and a new original music.